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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application fee?

Yes. $60 for new members, and $30 for current members.

Do you have an Open House when parents can check out your School?

Yes, every year, in February. In 2017, the date is Saturday, February 25, from 10 am to 1 pm. Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be accepted at that time.

When are the health forms due?

Health forms, immunization certificates, and TB test results must be on file at the School before the first day your child attends. State regulations do not permit us to admit children unless these materials are on file.

My child has an unusual problem (medical or emotional condition, hearing or speech difficulty, etc.) How do I deal with this at School?

Please note these problems or concerns on your application form, and please discuss them with the Director when you first visit the School. We have no hard and fast rules about admitting children with special needs because each case is different. If we can accommodate the child's needs, we make every effort to admit that child.

Does the School provide transportation?

No. We circulate class lists so that members can contact one another. Members often help each other out with transport.

How are classroom co-op shifts scheduled?

In each classroom, one parent is responsible to make up next month's co-op schedule by the 15th of this month. This schedule is posted in each classroom and distributed to each co-oping family.

Can I arrange to do my classroom co-op on the days I prefer?

Yes, if you set this up ahead of time with your classroom co-op scheduler.

What do I do if I want to make a change after the schedule has been posted?

Call other parents in your child's class and switch with someone. You are responsible for arranging the switch. The safety of our children depends on our classrooms being fully staffed at all times. We also have a list of paid parent substitutes if you can't switch with anyone.

What if I have an emergency in my family?

If you can't arrange a switch with another family by 8 am on the day you are scheduled to co-op, call the Director at home, and also call the School and leave a voice mail message and send an email.

May I bring my younger child when I co-op?

No. You must be able to focus on your classroom responsibilities to the teacher and the children.

I drive several children to school in a carpool trade. Can I co-op on my carpool day?

No, see above.

May I leave my child at School half an hour early or pick my child up late after a morning or afternoon class due to my job needs or because I have another appointment?

GNS provides no care before morning classes. The teachers open the classrooms at 9 am. If you come earlier than that, you must stay with your child until the classroom is open.

If you come early for the afternoon class, you must stay with your child until the classroom is ready at 12:30 pm - or you can arrange beforehand to book a drop-in for Lunch Bunch that day. The fee is $10.00.

If you want to pick up late after a morning or an afternoon class, try to book drop-in care at Lunch Bunch or Enrichment. You must book this at least the day before. The Enrichment fee is $30.00 until 4 pm, $40.00 until 6 pm.

If you are late to pick up and have not arranged the drop-in care, you will incur a late pick up fee.

I play a musical instrument/write songs/speak a language other than English/have a special skill -- you name it -- can I bring my particular skill with me when I am co-oping?

Yes! Please do, and please discuss your ideas for this with the teacher ahead of time so that she can plan classroom activities accordingly. The special interests, skills, and talents of parents enrich our programs greatly.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

No. Potty-training is not required.